Are Athletes Allowed To Take In CBD Products

CBD for sports: Doping or a legal substance?
With the legalization of cannabis in Canada and the majority of the United States, CBD products became widely known and used for medical purposes. They help to relax, reduce stress, and get rid of chronic pains and insomnia. Now CBD products can be easily ordered in the drugstore or online shop like fabcbd (providing you live in a state that approved cannabis use officially). The assortment is great: oils, crèmes for skin and massage, pills, capsules, herbals, dog treats, and gummies of various tastes (for more information about it, you can check
However, as for its role in sports, the situation is not quite clear. Even though cannabidiol (compared to other chemical elements contained in the cannabis plant) is officially permitted by the WADA, many athletes still hesitate to risk taking it being highly responsible for any illegal substance identified in their organism. That is why they cannot just order a cannabis-containing product from a specialized shop observed in an elixinol review or hemplucid reviews until they are entirely sure there is no risk for their professional career.

The role of CBD in sports

Sportsmen just like ordinary people, experience stress and fatigue and sometimes even more. Hard regular training stimulates adaption, enhances performance, and quite often leads to suffering from injuries and chronic pains. Current methods of treatment are good, but they have a quite negative impact on health, sometimes even killing people as chronic pain relievers cause opioid addiction and overdose. In search of the safer and more effective medicine, athletes paid attention to CBD as the substance that promises help with chronic pain-relieving and muscle problems without health risks.
The main question is whether CBD products are legal for athletes? Officially, yes. Two years ago, it was removed from the WADA list of prohibited substances for competition. The US organization representatives did the same thing and even created Marijuana FAQ to make all new rules clear. One important moment underlined there is that only CBD can be used; all other cannabis components are still forbidden (for example, THC, which is considered one of the strongest and responsible for getting high). WADA representative states that they are trying to make sure that CBD is used only on the day of competition, not weeks or months before that.

Is there a real risk for athletes?

Cannabidiol is one of 480 components got from the cannabis plant, and in 90% cases, it cannot be extracted alone. It comes along with other chemicals, and this mixture can possibly contain other prohibited substances. Considering the level of THC in cannabis (less or more than 0,3%), CBD products can also have a certain level of this chemical. One study published a few years ago stated that 69% of products containing CBD had a different level of concentration compared to what was indicated on their labels. In 21% of them, there was found THC in enough amounts for causing intoxication.
It means that taking a CBD product during competition is risky as you don`t know exactly what it contains and, thus, what level of THC and other restricted substances can be found in your blood and urine. When it comes to health risks, there are no specific cases that identified its negative impact. CBD is well tolerated and doesn`t cause addiction. If the side effects are present, they are connected with taking other prescribed medications and their interactions. There is ongoing research on its properties and safety, and so far, sportspeople can choose whether to use this drug or not.