A’s Fans Fire Back at F.P. Santangelo

F.P. Santangelo Briefly Played For the A's in 2001.

It was engaging radio this morning on KNBR 680, the flagship station of the San Francisco Giants. F.P. Santangelo, who finished his career with the A’s in 2001, was filling in for vacationing Gary Radnich. During the show, Santangelo said “A’s fans dress up as green seats,” referring to the sections of empty seats scattered throughout the Oakland Coliseum during games. Several A’s fans fired back at him with malicious emails, reminding him of his fielding miscue at second base in Game Four of the 2001 American League Division Series against the Yankees. After reading a few of them–and give Santangelo credit for reading some less-than-flattering comments about himself over 50,000 watts—he fired back and hinted that A’s fans are too sensitive and have a case of little man syndrome. He later admitted to making those comments in a joking manner, and claimed he remains friends with several current A’s players. Santangelo batted .197 with the A’s in 2001.

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    I wish this shill would go away altogether. calls himself a ‘broadcaster’ yeah… and your show doesn’t suck.

  2. Oakland Sí

    sounds like F.P. is the one with Little Man Syndrome

  3. A's suck

    Hey Truth,

    Looks like he will be a broadcaster and you are still a NOBODY. Go listen to your A’s sports talk…oh wait…they don’t have any…hahahahaha.

  4. john

    fuck you fp is the man!!!

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